You may need to move the panel and the license for ISPmanager from one server to another when upgrading your hardware or from ISPmanager Lite, Pro, Host to ISPmanager Business.

For this:

  1. Make a backup on the original server. See for details on Backup copies.
  2. Install ISPmanager 5 Lite on the new server indicating the version of the original server. To do this, run with the --release parameter. For example:

    sh ispmanager-lite --release 5.300
  3. Go to your Client area and change the IP address for your license. Enter the IP address of the new server.

  4. Activate the license using the key via the web interface or by request:

    ssh /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr <key>

    <key> — new activation key.

  5. Restore data from backup. For details on restoring see Backup copies.