In ISPmanager Business this mechanism of external links cannot be used, because users can be located on different cluster nodes. A link to an external function is generated using internal mechanisms of the control panel. To generate a link, use paths in the ISPmanager Business configuration file:

  • path webmail-redirect — the mail client template link. The default value: *http://$nodeip/roundcube/*
  • path phpmyadmin-redirect — phpMyAdmin template link. The default value: *http://$nodeip/phpmyadmin/*
  • path phppgadmin-redirect — phpPgAdmin template link. The default value: *http://$nodeip/phppgadmin/*


  1. If you use nginx-proxy the path parameter will be ignored. 
  2. When you go to phpmyadmin, the link contains the IP address of the control panel. If you have restricted access to phpmyadmin, add the control panel's IP address to the list of allowed ones. Read more in the article How do I restrict access to phpmyadmin?

You can use the $nodeip macro in path templates that will be changed into the primary IP address of a cluster node.