Softaculous is an easy-to-use auto-installer, which allows the installation of most popular web applications on your site. It provides a large number of PHP scripts and executable files that can be installed on the server.

Free and commercial Softaculous licenses are available for downloading, however, a number of scripts are not available in a free version. In ISPmanager client area clients can purchase a Premium license. You can use a plug-in in the ISPmanager control panel – "Integration/Modules" to easily install and manage licenses.

Official website of Softaculous.

Before you install Softaculous, be sure to

  • install PHP posix (progress) and ionCube Loader
  • create a WWW-domain, and select the "Secure connection (SSL)" checkbox to enable secure connections for that WWW-domain.


The plugin is supported only if your server uses a public IP address. Plugin operation on a server behind NAT is not supported.

If some extensions are missing, you will be prompted to install them. After you have installed the plug-in and Softaculous, "Softaculous" will be available in the "Extra applications" module.


How to install applications using Softaculous:

Login to ISPmanager as Admin and click the Softaculous menu, which includes a number of useful modules, such as statistics of plug-ins installed by your users. Install plug-ins on a web-server, drill down to the User level and click the Softaculous menu to open the user interface. Select a script and complete the setup steps:

To upgrade Softaculous to the Premium version, complete the following steps

  • log in to ISPsystem's billing system to purchase a Softaculous module
  • return to ISPmanager --> "Help" --> "About program" --> click "Update license".
  • upgrade the Softaculous license by navigating to "Integration/Modules" --> Softaculous --> select the "Update license"checkbox, and click "Ok". This checkbox is displayed, if the ISPmanager license contains the Softaculous module.
  • go to the Softaculous configuration form to make sure that you obtained the Premium version. In the form that will open you can see information about your license.

Updating Softaculous scripts

Softaculous is automatically updated every 24 hours. For an immediate update:

  1. Connect to the server via SSH.
  2. Run the Softaculous scripts update:

    php /usr/local/softaculous/cron.php

You can update Softaculous through the web interface under Updates.

Softaculous on ISPmanager Business:

  • Log in to ISPmanager Business as root --> "Integration" --> "Modules". After you have installed the module, a link to Softaculous in the interface menu will be available only for users (it is hidden for admin);
  • Softaculous is installed on all of the cluster nodes with the "Web' role;
  • when installing scripts, Softaculous will create databases on the cluster nodes with user's web-domains. Therefore, the MySQL role must locate on the cluster node with the "Web" role.
  • Softaculous has a number of database limits: a database name cannot exceed 8 symbols, and cannot contain "_". If you enable database prefixes, a CMS won't be installed: "MySQL database not found".

How to change Softaculous URL:

Use the configuration file parameter:

path softaculous-redirect value — for ISPmanager

The following value is used by default for this parameter:

 path softaculous-redirect https://$nodeip/softaculous/ 

In this parameter,r you can use the $nodeip macro, which can be changed into the primary IP address of the cluster node.


You can change Softaculous logging settings in the web module.