Periods comparison

After importing the tariff plan, you can add order periods that do not exist in the selling BILLmanager. To do this, configure the order period correlation. If correlation is not configured, the order of the service for a period that is absent from the selling BILLmanager will end with an error.

For example, the order periods available for the service "VPS" in the selling BILLmanager are: "month" and "year". Provider of the reselling BILLmanager buys the service from the selling BILLmanager for one year and gets 15% discount. Then it adds a new order period to the imported tariff. For that purpose, the provider chooses the order period "Three months" from the possible options. To avoid error when ordering the service for 3 months, the provider configures periods correlation. Now the provider can resell the service with the original order period of "year" to its customers for a month or 3 months. In this case, the provider sets the new service price and gains profit on the margin.


If order periods correlation is used, it will remain in effect until the time specified in the selling BILLmanager. If the service, for example, is ordered for 2 months in the reselling billing system, and for a month in the selling system, then after a month the service will be disabled. Its status will change for “Stopped” in the reselling BILLmanager despite the fact that its period has not yet expired.

To configure order periods correlation, go to IntegrationProcessing modulesParametersAdd.

  1. Choose parameter type "Periods comparison" from the dropdown menu Parameter.

  2. In Source period enter the period to be replaced. In the example above, it is "Year".

  3. In Change into enter the period to replace the original period. In this example, it will be "Three months".

  4. Check the box Compare with tariff plan. This correlation will be effective only if services under the specified tariff are ordered.

  5. Choose "Virtual data-center" in Product type.

  6. Choose Tariff plan of the selling billing system. In this case, it is "KVM".

Changing main parameters of the tariff

After completion of tariffs import and configuration of order periods correlation, all of these can be edited: you can change the name, price and scope of resources. To edit main parameters of the imported tariff, go to ProductsTariff plansEdit.

For example, the provider is reselling virtual server services. It imports the "KVM" tariff plan. Then the provider goes to tariff settings and sets its own parameters:

  • changes the name for "Cloud";

  • reduces the tariff price from 6 € per month to 5 € per month;

  • changes the tariff change policy from "Change period" to "Add funds/refund",

  • enters the new tariff description.