Web-disk is a way to access the user's directory using the webDAV protocol. This protocol allows you to add to the user's computer directory from a remote server as a separate disk. The user can use Web-disk as an alternative to connecting to the server via FTP. Files available to multiple users can be stored on a web disk and edited together.

Enable a web-disk 

The apache mod_dav module is used. Apache ITK must be enabled.

To allow your users to use a web-disk: 

  1. Go to Web-server settings → Web-disk.
  2. Enable the option Enable Web-disk.


    The following webdisk.conf file is create in /<Apache directory>/conf/vhosts-default/:


    DAVLockDB /var/lock/apache2/lockdb
    <Directory /var/www/*/webdav>
        Dav on
    Include /<Apache directory>/conf/webdav-users

    DAVLockDB — a full path to the blocking database file.

    Dav on — enables the web-disk for all users.

    The following <username>.conf file is create in /<Apache directory>/conf/webdav-users/ for every ISPmanager user: 


    <Directory /var/www/<Username>/data/webdav>
        include dav_params.conf
        <IfModule auth_digest_module>
            AuthUserFile /var/www/<username>/data/passwd.dav
        AssignUserID <username> <user group>
        Require user <username>
    Alias /webdav/<username> /var/www/<username>/data/webdav

    AuthUserFile — path to the file with data that are used for user authentication when he accesses the web-disk.

    Require user <username> — only the specified user will be allowed to access the web-disk directory.

    Alias — alias for the user web-disk. 

    3. Enter the Maximum post size that can be processed by the proxy module Nginx (client_max_body_size) in B, KiB, MiB. Eg., "100 MiB", "2000 KiB". The default value is "0 B", the post size is not checked.

         4. Click on Ok.

Configure the web-disk 

To configure a web-disk for the user:

  1. Log in as the user and go to WWW → Web-disk.
  2. Enter the Directory (the path is relative to the user home directory) where the data will be saved. The user home directory is specified by default.


    In /<Apache directory>/conf/webdav-users/ <username>.conf  the alias for the web-disk is changed: 

    <имя пользователя>.conf

    Alias /webdav/<username> /var/www/<username>/data/<relative path to directory>
  3. Click on Ok.

Link to web-disk

How the link is generated:

  1. If nginx-proxy is disabled the link will be generated as follows: "https://<IP-address or domain name of the cluster node where the user is located>/webdav/<username>".
  2. If nginx-is enabled the link will be generated as follows: "https://<IP-address or domain name of the server where ISPmanager runs when proxy is enabled>/webdav/<username>"

The link is displayed on the User Dashboard in ISPmanager.


To enable the web-disk on Windows, you first need to allow for auth_basic authentication.