To configure integration with the selling BILLmanager, go to IntegrationProcessing modulesAdd. Always create a separate processing module for each service type.

For example, to resell shared hosting services, create a processing module with the parameters specified below:

  1. Choose Product type — "Shared hosting".

  2. Choose Processing module — "BILLmanager".

  3. Enter the address of the selling BILLmanager in URL field.

  4. Enter account name in the selling billing system in Username field. Several conditions must be true for correct operation:

    • the account in the selling BILLmanager must be of "Customer" level;

    • the balance of the account in the selling BILLmanager must be sufficient to pay for the services ordered;

    • user is allowed to suspend or delete services. When this condition is not met, in certain situations the services will not be suspended in the reselling BILLmanager. For example, if phone call confirmation of service deletion is configured.

  5. Enter user Password in the selling BILLmanager. Press Next.

  6. Choose the Data center.

  7. Enter the processing module Name. It is the name that will be displayed in the interface.

  8. Choose the Department. If necessary, all tasks will be assigned to that department.

  9. Set processing module priority in the Sort field. Set priorities if you connect several processing modules to a single tariff plan.

  10. Set the Processing module minimal balance. This is the minimum balance of the account in the selling BILLmanager for successful service extension.

  11. Press Finish.

Use a separate account in the selling BILLmanager for each reselling BILLmanager. Otherwise, interaction of billing systems will be disturbed.

Follow the same steps to setup a processing module for all remaining services.