Reselling is a type of partner relation between two companies. One of the companies provides services. The other company buys those services and sells them to its customers. For example, ispmanager develops panels for web server and website control . Access to panels is granted under licenses. The company "N" decides to sell ispmanager licenses to its customers. To be able to do so, it joins the partnership program and buys licenses from ispmanager. After that, the company "N" sets its own prices and gains profit on reselling margin.

Both companies use billing systems to sell services. In this case, one of the companies will be the seller, while the other — the reseller. The selling billing system must have the version BILLmanager Corporate. Meanwhile, BILLmanager, WHMCS or custom solution using API can be used as the reselling billing system. More details are provided in the Table "Interaction of billing systems" below.

Billing system BILLmanager belongs to ISPsystem. For system information , please refer to BILLmanager 6.

Interaction of billing systems

Billing system

Potential reselling objects






BILLmanager Corporate

BILLmanager, BILLmanager Corporate



Custom solution (through API)




About reselling through BILLmanager

Reselling of services

When both companies are using BILLmanager as the billing system, to establish connection between them the reselling billing system needs to be integrated with the selling system. Read more in Integration with the BILLmanager .

Reselling of licenses

Apart from reselling of services, one can resell ispmanager licenses. Licenses can be resold as a separate service, or bundled with the tariff plan.

For example, a hosting provider buys licenses for ispmanager software. The provider sets its own license price and resells them in bundle with its main services.

Reselling of modules

Also, one can resell ispmanager modules through BILLmanager.

About reselling through WHMCS

If WHMCH is the reselling billing system, and BILLmanager is the selling system, integration of WHMCS and BILLmanager must be configured prior to start of reselling. Read more in Integration with WHMCS

About Reselling SSL Certificates

Reselling SSL certificates via (see Reselling SSL certificates ):

  • BILLmanager;

  • API.

About reselling via API

Resale API description: