Reselling through BILLmanager

To resell SSL certificates through BILLmanager, you need to configure integration with the billing platform and import tariff plans.

Integration setup

You can set up integration by creating a service processing module in BILLmanager, Integration Service processing modulesCreate:

  1. Select the Product type. For reselling SSL certificates, select “SSL certificate”

  2. Select “BILLmanager” as the Processing module.

  3. At the Integration setup step, enter the details required for integration with BILLmanager.

  4. In the URL field, enter the BILLmanager address:

  5. In the Username field, enter the account name in the billing system.


    Use a different account in the selling BILLmanager for each reselling BILLmanager. Otherwise, the interaction between billing systems may be disrupted.

  6. In the Password field, enter the account password in the billing system. Press Continue.

  7. At the Service processing module parameters, configure the service processing module parameters. 

Importing tariff plans

To import tariff plans, enter Products Tariff plans Import

  1. Select the processing module created at the integration stage.

  2. Select the Product type for reselling and its Tariff plan. Specify the Provider.

After importing tariff plans, you can edit their name and cost. To start reselling, enable the tariff plans under Products Tariff plans Enable.

Reselling SSL certificates via API

This article contains API requests that allow you to order a license at and perform available actions with it.

API address of ispmanager billing system:

Authorization in the system is performed with the authinfo parameter, which assumes the value: authinfo=user:passwd.

user — user name in the billing system;

passwd — user password.

Ordering a certificate

Order is performed by means of the certificate.order.param function, which assumes the following parameters:

ip — IP address for which the certificate will be ordered.

period — order period. Order period of 1 month is available, accordingly, the parameter assumes the value of period=1.

pricelist — tariff plan code.

remoteid — the id of the service in the reselling billing.

 Plan ID

Пример вызова функции

func=certificate.order.param&remoteid={ID service}& (111) 111-11-11&adm_phone_country=182&
&like_admin=on&newbasket=&org_address=1&org_city=Moscow&org_country=182&org_department=1&org_name=Test&org_phone=+7 (111) 111-11-11&org_phone_country=182&org_postcode=1111111&org_state=Moscow&period=12&pricelist=115& (111) 111-11-11&tech_phone_country=182

Reissuing certificate

SSL certificate reissue is performed with the certificate.reissue function. The elid parameter defines the certificate to be reissued

Reissuing based on previous data:

Example of function call

func=certificate.reissue.step2&elid={certificateID}&crt_type=oldrequest&approver_method=auth_email&sok=ok&approver_email_1={main domain confirmation email}&approver_email_{i}={additional domain confirmation email}


Reissue with indication of the new CSR:

Example of function call

func=certificate.reissue.step2&elid={certificate ID}&crt_type=manual&approver_method=auth_email&sok=ok&csr={urlencoded CSR}&approver_email_1={main domain confirmation email}&approver_email_{i}={additional domain confirmation email}


Reissue with indication of new domains:

Example of function call

func=certificate.reissue.step2&elid={certificate ID}&crt_type=altname&approver_method=auth_email&sok=ok&altname={urlencoded space separated list of additional domains}&approver_email_1={main domain confirmation email}&approver_email_{i}={additional domain confirmation email}


Deleting a certificate

The certificate is deleted using the certificate.delete function. The elid parameter specifies the certificate to be deleted.

Example of function call