Services can be resold by means of remote calls via API. This article describes how to use API to sell ISPmanager licenses.

API address of ISPmanager billing system:

Authorization in the system is performed with the parameter authinfo, which assumes the value: authinfo=user:passwd. Where user is the username in, billing system, and passwd is the user password. 

Order a license

To order a license, use the function platform.order.param. Available parameters: 

  • skipbasket — write off the amount and enable immediately, ignoring the cart. Possible values: 

    • on — enable without redirecting to cart; 

    • off — enable with redirecting to cart. Default value, may be omitted from the query; 

  • comment — can be set

  • period — license payment period. Possible values:

    • period=1 — 1 month; 

    • period=12 — 1 year; 

    • period=-100 — trial period;

  • autoprolong — license autoprolongation parameter. Possible values:

    • autoprolong=1 — autoprolongation for 1 month will be charged at license order;

    • autoprolong=12 — autoprolongation for 1 year;

    • autoprolong=null — without autoprolongation;

  • pricelist — tariff plan code. Possible values:

    • pricelist=55163 — VMmanager 6; 

    • pricelist=55161 — DCImanager 6;

  • addon_id — license addon code. The set of addons is different for each license: 

    • addon_55165=N — number of cluster nodes available for connection to VMmanager 6; 

    • addon_55164=N — number of virtual machines available to create in VMmanager 6.


Extend license

To extend the license, use the function service.prolong with the following parameters:

  • elid — code of the license to be prolonged;

  • period — prolongation period. Possible values:

    • period=1 — 1 month;

    • period=12 — 1 year.


Changing license parameters

Using the function platform.edit you can change the comment and values of the supplement to the license. New comment is passed by the comment parameter, padding values — addon_id. 

Example<new comment>&addon_55165=<new addon value>&sok=ok

Suspend license

License suspension is set by the function platform.suspend

Example<license id>

Resume license

License resuming is set by the function platform.resume.

Example<license id>

Delete license

To delete the license, use the function platform.delete.