Switch between Lite, Pro, Host versions

You can switch between Lite, Pro, Host versions. For example, if you purchased an ISPmanager 6 Lite license and then needed to work with 50 domains, you can upgrade to the Pro version. To do this: click Change tariff in the main menu → select a new tariff → Go. You will be redirected to your personal account to purchase a license.

Change of version from Lite, Pro, Host to Business

It is not possible to upgrade from ISPmanager Lite (Pro, Host) to ISPmanager Business on the same server. You have to install a new server for ISPmanager Business because the products have different architecture and software applications.

We strongly recommend a clean install of ISPmanager Business on a new server. Then you can import user data.

For more information please refer to the article How to move ISPmanager from one server to another.